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Marilise van Rooyen

St. Michaels, one of the oldest girls’ schools in South Africa, will lead the mass choir performance to conclude Saturday evenings’ programme during the monuments’ 100-year celebrations. Under the direction of Marilise van Rooyen and accompanied by Johan Cromhout, the group consists 240 learners from St. Michaels, Eunice, Grey Secondary and Oranje Meisieskool.

SMS ATKV  2012

St. Michaels Chapel Choir performing in 2012.

The St Michael’s School for Girls Chapel Choir has developed to become one of South Africa’s best girls’ choirs in recent years. The choir’s main purpose is still that of leading the worship in the school chapel, but they have also included more secular works in their repertoire.  Thus, putting them in a position to compete in competitions.

In 2007 the choir won the category of non Afrikaans speaking choirs at the National ATKV Applous choir competition in Pretoria.  They received the award for the best interpretation of the prescribed work.  They were also the over-all winner of this category receiving a gold award.  In 2008 the choir continued on the road of success and won the local round of the same competition and was invited to the gala evening in Cape Town where they won their category, receiving the prize for the best interpretation of the prescribed work and was named over-all winner of the non Afrikaans speaking choirs, receiving gold cum laude this time!

In 2009 the choir won the local round of the National ATKV Applous and was yet again invited to the gala evening held in Bloemfontein where they received a gold award for their performance.  In 2012 the choir was over-all winners of all categories at the National ATKV Applous Choir competition, making them yet again the best girls’ choir in the country in their category.

The choir has an extremely busy schedule with performances at various occasions.  They are regular participants in the annual RSCM Spring Festival where they form part of the main choir.  On invitation they have performed at the Music in the Mountains with the Drakensberg Boys Choir  in 2013 and in various cathedrals and churches in South Africa.

For more information, please visit St. Michaels’ website.