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Friends of the Monument

Friends of the Women’s Monument was founded to create a support basis for the Monument from those people who are associated therewith. At the same time, Friends of the Women’s Monument contribute to the maintenance of the Monument by paying a membership fee, thus providing moral and financial support to the Monument as a private institution.

Should you wish to become a friend of the Women’s Monument, you may choose one of the following categories:

1. Honorary member (instance or individual) A once-off contribution of at least R5000.
2. Lifelong friend  A once-off contribution of at least R1000.
3. Ordinary member  A debit order of at least R30 monthly.
4. Pensioner (over 65 years of age)  An annual contribution of R100.

A Friend of the Women’s Monument receives the following:

  1. A badge.
  2. An invitation to all the functions of the National Women’s Monument Commission.
  3. A certificate of recognition on the letterhead of the Friends of the Women’s Monument.
  4. The notion that s/he belongs to the upkeep of this specific Afrikaner landmark.

How to apply: 

  • Apply on the prescribed form to the Secretary of the National Women’s Monument Commission at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
  • The secretary keeps the membership list up to date and will post the badge to you.