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The Monument


Tenders for the design of the National Women’s Memorial was requested internationally. Professor A. Moorrees, Ds. J.D. Kestell and J.N. de Villiers acted as judges. After receiving more than forty designs the working committee gave instruction to the sculptor Anton van Wouw and the architect Frans Soff to carry out their design with slight modifications. International designs from Hawke, McKinley and White was on the short list. Construction started in 1911.

National Women's Memorial, top view

Top view of the National Women’s Memorial. Photo: Lisa Smets


Impressive in its simplicity, the National Women’s Memorial is a 37m high obelisk made from sandstone with historical panels on both sides of the pedestal. The two half-moon shaped walls form a horseshoe, symbolising shelter and being brought into safety. This artwork was designed by sculptor Anton van Wouw and architect Frans Soff.


To the side of the walkway that leads to the women’s memorial lies memorial stones that commemorate all those who passed away in concentration camps during the Anglo-Boer War.

Approach to the National Women's Memorial

Approach to the National Women’s Memorial. Photo: Lisa Smets

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