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Our monument, our future

Idees 100 - Ontwikkelingsvoorstelle vir die Nasionale Vrouemonument en die Anglo-Boereoorlog Museum

100-year celebration of the National Women’s Memorial

The National Women’s Memorial, the first monument in the world dedicated to women and children, was unveiled on 16 December 1913. This year we are celebrating the 100-year existence of the monument and commemorating the ideals of previous President M.T. Steyn and Emily Hobhouse. The festival aims to establish a consciousness and participation in the ownership of the monument by all communities, to bring people together around the theme of woman- and child suffering and hope. To reflect, to learn and to celebrate, establishing the National Women’s Memorial as an iconic and living heritage site, a reference- and tourism destination; and to create a legacy and foundation for sustainable development for future generations.

Part 1: Interest

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